Tengumai Yoshinagawa Gensen Karak Sake 720ml


Origin: Niigata, Japan


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Established in 1548, Yoshinogawa is located in the Niigata Prefecture in the small city of Nagaoka City and is today run by the 19th generation owner Kwakami san. Yoshinogawa are the largest sake producers in the Niigata region, which is a well-known major premium rice producing area. Yoshinogawa is also the oldest sake producer in Niigata. The region is known for its crisp, clean sake with a dry finish.

Gensen means 'specially selected' and Karakuchi means 'dry'. Yoshinogawa have been producing this particular sake for 30 years. It is what they would describe as their everyday drinking sake. This sake is quite a fruity style of sake, with soft 'Ginjo-ka' character, showing hints of strawberry, banana, musk and apple on the nose. The palate is showing tight structure, with hints of citrus, and a savoury aspect, finishing long and dry.