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The beer scene is endlessly expanding. We at Parkhill Cellars consider it an honor and privilege to sample different beers from breweries in our efforts to stay on top of the vast expanse of emerging breweries, established powerhouses & cult labels.Our range is so large & varied that we can’t fit our whole range on our website but we have many more in-store.


Parkhill Cellars
F-yeah is a tribute to the craft beer staple, the American Pale Ale. A base pale malt provides the foundation and ably supports the aromatic and biscuit malt, giving the beer its backbone. Hops are added at start of boil and again at the end providing the citrus aroma balancing a firm bitterness. A full strength beer to be enjoyed at any time. The Big Shed boys are avowed lovers of American beers, particularly of the hoppy kind, and their APA isn’t afraid to be as big and bold as you might expect from a beer with such an inspiration. So while it’s tagged their “everyday ale” it still tips the scales at 5.8 percent and offers up a solid bitterness derived from its fruity citrus hops. As much as anything, however, it’s about the malt with a rich biscuity caramel flavour running right through the middle too.

Brewery: Big Shed Brewing

Name: F’ Yeah

Style: American Pale Ale

Location: Adelaide

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6 pack $22.99

24 pack $82.99